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Software Index

Icon Blue Crab 4.9.21

Blue Crab is a program that you use to copy the contents of a website to your computer, whole or in part. You can use it for faster offline browsing and searching. Or it can be used as a labor saving device at times when you need to download an archive of images, PDF's, or any other media type.
  • License: Shareware, $10 or more for this and a variety of software
  • Author/Publisher: Limit Point Software
  • Modification Date: March 2, 2010
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher

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Home Page

Icon CocoaWget 2.7

CocoaWget is a front-end application for GNU wget. You can use it to download entire websites or parts of websites for offline viewing. wget is included in CocoaWget, so you do not need to prepare wget
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Shinichiro Hirama
  • Modification Date: December 13, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 453 Kb

Home Page

Icon DeepVacuum 1.66

DeepVacuum is a shareware, a useful web utility based on GNU wget command line tool. Program includes a vast number of options to fine tune your downloads through both http and ftp protocols.
DeepVacuum enables you to download: whole single pages, entire sites, ftp catalogs, link lists from a text file, filtered types, ex. images.
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: HexCat
  • Modification Date: July 1, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

Home Page

icon Gallery Grabber 0.22

Gallery Grabber QED is a tool for downloading graphic files from web based picture galleries to your hard-drive. It is one of the quick and easy to use download utilities found in the QED collection.
With its easy to use drag and drop interface, Gallery Grabber can automatically determine the type of web gallery that has been dropped, extracting only the gallery images themselves - leaving banners, thumbnails and page design behind.
When more control is needed; Gallery Grabber's automatic behaviour can be overridden, forcing a gallery to be downloaded using a specific method
  • License: Shareware, $5
  • Author/Publisher: Zenopolis
  • Modification Date: May 19, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 307 Kb

Home Page

Icon GNU wget 1.10.2

GNU Wget is a free software package for retrieving files using HTTP, HTTPS and FTP, the most widely-used Internet protocols. It is a non-interactive commandline tool, so it may easily be called from scripts, cron jobs, terminals without Xsupport, etc.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: GNU
  • Modification Date: October 13, 2005
  • Requirements: Mac OS X


Non-Specific Code File Size: 1.3 MB

Home Page

Icon iMeMiner 1.6

iMeMiner is an essential tool for anyone who downloads a lot of pictures and movies from web pages. Who likes going to a photo gallery and selecting "Download Image to Disk" for each and every picture link? iMeMiner takes care of this - and it will also download galleries of galleries if you like!
Cool Features:
Authenticator - lets you download galleries from password protected sites!
Intelligent Sort - Learns which kinds of pictures and movies you like, then sorts the list of galleries based on your preferences so that the media you want most is downloaded first!
Memory - iMeMiner remembers which galleries you have already downloaded so you don't accidentally get duplicate media.
Customizable Download Order - You can specify the order in which the galleries are downloaded.
Smart Bookmarks - remembers your most frequented web sites and keeps the ones you visit most frequently at the top of the list.
  • License: Shareware, $25
  • Author/Publisher: Geneffects
  • Modification Date: March 24, 2004
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1.3 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 300 Kb

Home Page

Icon iScooper 1.5.3

iScooper is an application that enables you to automatically download and browse batches of pictures much faster and much more conveniently than you can with conventional web browsers. iScooper is designed to work with web pages that contain many links to pictures--for example, a celebrity web page that contains several links to photos of the celebrity. iScooper can take a web page like this and automatically download all the linked photos on it. Once they've been downloaded, you can easily view them in a full-screen slideshow right from within iScooper.
  • License: Shareware, $20
  • Author/Publisher: Inventive, Inc.
  • Modification Date: December 17, 2004
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 3.4 MB

Home Page

Icon PageSucker 3.2

PageSucker is a utility to download entire page hierarchies from the World Wide Web automatically and modify them in such a way that they can be viewed later, when off line.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Joel Francois
  • Modification Date: September 22, 2002
  • Requirements: Mac OS X and Mac OS 9


OS X PPC File Size: 1.2 MB


Classic PPC File Size: 1.1 MB

Home Page

Icon Pandora 2.6.4

In the time it takes to grab a glass of water, Pandora is able to hunt down images by spidering a URL or performing a keyword-based search. A clear and intuitive interface guarantees you are underway in no time, and extensive preferences allow power users to flex their muscles. It can multitask, and after a rapid search based on the given criteria, Pandora prepares a slideshow, providing you with a quick and comprehensive glance at discovered files.
  • License: Shareware, $30
  • Author/Publisher: Positive Spin Media
  • Modification Date: February 2, 2010
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Home Page

Icon PictoGrab 1.1.3

So you want to be able to download just the picture files from a website. Don't want to do "Right click, Save As" all afternoon long? Just drag the URL for the site to the PictoGrab window and it'll take care of the rest.
Tell PictoGrab what folder you'd like the pictures to be downloaded to, along with any other settings you'd like, hit Grab, and off it goes.
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: Radical Breeze
  • Modification Date: February 25, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 1.9 MB

Home Page

Icon PixxxGrabber 2.5

PixxxGrabber is a web media browser and download manager that allows you to surf to photo or movie gallery pages and batch download the images or other media from that page. It downloads much faster and much more conveniently than conventional web browsers.
  • License: Shareware, $25
  • Author/Publisher: Studio AHM
  • Modification Date: February 12, 2005
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 1.9 MB

Home Page

Icon SiteSucker 2.3.6

SiteSucker is a Macintosh application that automatically downloads Web sites from the Internet. It does this by copying the site's Web pages, images, backgrounds, movies, and other files to your local hard drive. Just enter a URL (Uniform Resource Locator) and click a button and SiteSucker can download an entire Web site.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Rick Cranisky
  • Modification Date: October 23, 2011
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6 or higher

Home Page

Icon Suck It Down 1.8

Content is king on the Internet and Suck It Down helps you get it faster. It will download any type of data linked off a page. By specifying extensions you can easily download images, movies, mp3s, pdfs and more. Suck It Down also provides preview for downloaded images and QuickTime compatible files, like movies and mp3s.
  • License: Shareware, $20
  • Author/Publisher: R.A.D. Productions
  • Modification Date: January 24, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher - Intel

Home Page

Icon WebCopier 4.1.5

Use this powerful offline browser to record websites and store them locally until you are ready to view them.
  • License: Shareware, $30
  • Author/Publisher: MaximumSoft Corp.
  • Modification Date: September 14, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Home Page

Icon Web Devil 6.5

Web Devil is a tool for downloading web sites for offline browsing, extracting web site images, backgrounds, HTML, JavaScript, Shockwave, etc., helping to maintain web sites for content authors, and more. It also has filtering capabilities, so it only downloads what you want, and has a simple to use interface. Just enter a URL and it downloads the content with a single click. It contains several powerful tools for downloading and processing web content with ease, including an URL and e-mail extractor, batch URL downloader, incremental downloader, and more. You can also view web content directly within the app using the HTML and QuickTime viewer tools.
  • License: Shareware, $35
  • Author/Publisher: Chaotic Software Ltd.
  • Modification Date: June 19, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

Home Page

Icon Web Dumper 3.1

With Web Dumper you can download entire Websites off of the Internet, and save them on your hard drive for later offline browsing. Downloaded Web sites are saved on your hard drive with their directory structure intact. Web Dumper automatically downloads HTML documents along with their embedded pictures, sounds, movies and so on while it screens them to look for any enclosed links to other documents.
  • License: Shareware, $17
  • Author/Publisher: MAX Programming, LLC
  • Modification Date: February 9, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

Home Page

Icon WebGrabber 0.7

WebGrabber is a utility that you can use to mirror, copy, synchronize, download, scrub or "steal" a web site.
WebGrabber is a simple wrapper around the gpl'd project pavuk, a web grabber/spider.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Epicware, Inc.
  • Modification Date: December 28, 2002
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 300 Kb

Home Page

Icon Webstractor 1.6

Do you need to keep a web page?
Do you want a section of information from a web page but you need to keep its layout?
Do you want to instantly search all the pages you have visited?
Webstractor allows you to easily capture and create a document from multiple web pages and edit as simply as you would in a standard word processor. No technical knowledge needed.
Students, teachers, researchers, hobbyists - anyone who uses the internet to gather information can easily transform fragments into useful and effective documents. Once you try it, you'll wonder how you managed without it.
  • License: Demo, $80
  • Author/Publisher: Softchaos Limited
  • Modification Date: March 14, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 4.9 MB

Home Page

Intel Denotes Mac OS X Intel Native
Universal Binary Denotes Mac OS X Intel & PPC Native
OS X PPC Denotes Mac OS X PPC Native
Classic PPC Denotes Mac OS 8/9 PPC Native
680x0 Denotes Mac OS 680x0 Native
Non-Specific Code Denotes Non-OS Specific Code

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