Pure Mac - All the Software You Really Need

System Software
for Macintosh

Alternative OS:
Linux, BSD, Boot Camp, Virtualization etc.

Command Line:
Installers, Assistants etc.

Converters, Viewers, Virtualization etc.

Beautify/Uglify your Mac, Icons, Themes, Utilities etc.

Hot Keys, Autotext, cron, launchd etc.

Screen Savers:
Freeware, Shareware, Demos etc.

Security & Paranoia:
Anonymizers, File Wiping, Encryption, Firewall, Password Storage etc.

System Enhancements:
Clipboard Enhancements, TypeIt4Me, Growl, WindowShade, Macros etc.

Virus Scanners:
Scanners for all those viruses (99.999999% Windows) etc.

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