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Software Index

Icon APOD Grabber 1.2

A little application to help view, browse, and download images from NASA's Astronomy Picture of the Day web site. It will also set your desktop picture.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Maury McCown
  • Modification Date: December 1, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Home Page

Icon Biggy-Light 3.4

Welcome to the world's only BIG and animated cursor utility for Macintosh, complete with a bunch of other helpful cursor tools.
  • License: Shareware, $39
  • Author/Publisher: Dave Warker/RJ Cooper & Associates
  • Modification Date: October 29, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher - Uses APE

Home Page

Icon CandyBar 3.2

Trick out your Trashcan. Decorate your Drives. Mix up Mail. CandyBar 2 lets you change the Mac OS X icons you usually can't!
  • License: Shareware, $29
  • Author/Publisher: The Iconfactory/Panic
  • Modification Date: August 24, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher - Compatible with Snow Leopard

Home Page

icon ClearDock 1.4.1

ClearDock removes the semi-transparent white background from the Dock so the Dock icons are "floating" on top of your desktop picture. Additionally, it can change the colors of application triangles and of the Dock background to customize your desktop!
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Unsanity
  • Modification Date: July 28, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher - Not Compatible with Leopard


Universal Binary File Size: 1.8 MB

Home Page

icon Docker 1.6.2

Tired of your dock? Spice things up a little with Docker. Access dock settings from a simple interface, and Leopard users can customize the style and color of their dock too!
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: BlockSoft
  • Modification Date: January 30, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher

Home Page

Icon Eyeballs 3.2

Eyeballs is a fun Mac OS X application that gives you a set of eyeballs in your menu bar or on your desktop. The eyes watch the cursor move around as you work. They get sleepy depending on how busy you're keeping the cursor, and they blink periodically. They are extremely configurable, in terms of the colors they use, their eyelid and pupil style, how sleepy they are, and a bunch of other things (see the configuration panel snapshot below). If those configuration options aren't enough, custom skins are also supported.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Stick Software
  • Modification Date: June 19, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 1.9 MB

Home Page

Icon Export Icon Plugin 1.7

Export Icon is an Adobe® Photoshop® plug-in which adds the ability to export a Photoshop image as a Mac OS custom icon
The icon's image is derived from the Photoshop image and the icon's mask is derived from the Photoshop image's transparency
The Export Icon plug-in works with RGB Photoshop images. These images can range in size from 32x32 to 128x128 pixels. Export Icon creates the icon's "icl8" and "icl4" resources from the RGB image (with optional dithering). The icon's black and white mask is created from the image's transparency (also with optional dithering)
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: Kinetic Creations, Inc.
  • Modification Date: June 27, 2002
  • Requirements: Mac OS X and System 7.5 or higher


Classic PPCOS X PPC File Size: 580 Kb

Home Page

Icon FinderIconCM 2.4

Contextual menu plugin for MacOS X that let's you copy/paste/clear icon from selected items (volumes/folders/files) without opening Finder's Get Info dialog. It can handle multiple items with one operation. Also, it will let you view the icon image in detail. Paste function works not only with icon data but also with PICT data in the clipboard.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Pixture Studio
  • Modification Date: December 18, 2004
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 638 Kb

Home Page

Icon FolderBrander 2.3

FolderBrander lets you quickly and easily alter the look of your folders. Pick a base icon from the built-in set and place a short text label over it. The text can be rotated and skewed to match the orientation and perspective of the base icon.
Found some nice folder icons on the web? Add them to FolderBrander's custom icon set (just drop them in there), and setting folder icon becomes easier than ever.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Yellow Mug Software
  • Modification Date: April 8, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher

Home Page

Icon Folder Icon Maker 2.0

Folder Icon Maker is a Shareware icon utility tool that can be used to combine Mac OS X Finder icons.
To use the program, simply drop an icon for the backdrop onto the view in the upper left corner of the window and drop an icon for the foreground onto the view within it. The program will composite the two icons together, with the transparency intact, and allow you to write the resulting composite to a PDF file, TIFF file, .icns file or to the Finder's clipboard. From the clipboard, the icon may be pasted into any Finder icon through the Finder's "Get Info" window.
  • License: Shareware, $7
  • Author/Publisher: NiteOwl Software
  • Modification Date: December 5, 2005
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 124 Kb

Home Page

icon Folder Icon X 3.0.2

Folder Icon X is an award-winning Mac OS X-native application providing a simple way to create a customized folder and document icons by placing another icon on a standard plain icon. It fully supports "drag & drop" feature and can load any icons from any files, ".icns" documents and folders. All generated icons are 32-bit Mac OS X-compatible icons which can be viewed on both Classic Mac OS and Mac OS X.
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: Narattaphol Charoenphandhu
  • Modification Date: August 6, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher

Home Page

Icon Icon Brush 2.5.5

Icon Brush is an icon editing program for Mac OS X. Icon Brush is shareware, meaning you can download it and try it out for free, but if you continue to use it, we would appreciate if you would pay for it.
* Edits OSX native .icns files and Windows .ICO files
* Edits 32-bit icons
* Automate your iconing tasks with Apple-Script
* Works well wit resource editors such as ResEdit
* Edit icons of folders and drives
* Insert icons into an existing file
* Comes with templates for standard icons like documents, folders, docklings, and more
* Several powerful image editing tools to get your icons looking just right
* Preview your icon in the dock while you edit it
* Edit Mac OS X .rsrc (resources-in-data fork) files
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Noah Desch/Wireframe Software
  • Modification Date: November 19, 2002
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher


Classic PPCOS X PPC File Size: 2.4 MB

Home Page

Icon IconBuilder 8.5

IconBuilder is a filter that makes creating icons a snap. By harnessing the professional power of your existing image editing software, IconBuilder provides icon artists with the most complete tool set possible for modern icon design.
  • License: Shareware, $79
  • Author/Publisher: The Iconfactory
  • Modification Date: April 26, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3.9 or higher, Photoshop 7 or Elements 2 or higher

Home Page

Icon Iconic 0.91

Iconic was thrown together in just one night because of a need to create a ton of icon thumbnails and have control over when and how they were done. I was tired of opening a directory and having my machine churn away while OS X automatically made the icons for the images in a folder. I would much rather turn that Finder option off to speed up the interface and then make thumbnails in the background when I'm doing something else. So, I decided to throw this together.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Concept House
  • Modification Date: July 7, 2003
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.1 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 324 Kb

Home Page

Icon Iconizer Pro 3.0.6

Iconizer Pro is an application developed for generating a set of 32 bit ( 16 millions, full colors ) icons from any picture. This feature is normally used for creating a background for a CD, folder or other container window.
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: Narattaphol Charoenphandhu
  • Modification Date: April 8, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 3.4 MB


Classic PPC File Size: 1.2 MB

Home Page

Icon Icon Machine 3.2

Icon Machine is a native icon editor for Mac OS X icons, capable of editing in all color sizes and depths. You can draw the icons yourself using the built-in array of standard tools, or import images from an application such as Adobe Photoshop. Masks are easy - if you paste from an application like Adobe Photoshop, the mask is automatically imported as well. And while you're drawing, the image and mask are automatically kept in sync.
  • License: Shareware, $25
  • Author/Publisher: David Catmull
  • Modification Date: June 30, 2005
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


OS X PPC File Size: 875 Kb

Home Page

Icon Iconographer 2.5

Iconographer is a fully-featured icon editor. It allows you to both change the icons of items and to edit the icon resources used by various programs. Iconographer has been created from the ground up to deal with many icon formats, including: classic Mac OS (8-bit icons only), Mac OS 8.5+ (32-bit icons with 8-bit masks), Mac OS X (128 x 128 icons in .icns files), Windows and Windows XP (.ico files), and Mac OS X Server (48 x 48 icons in .tiff files).
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: MScape Software
  • Modification Date: July 8, 2003
  • Requirements: Mac OS X


OS X PPC File Size: 890 Kb


Classic PPC File Size: 571 Kb

Home Page

Icon Icon2Image 1.3.6

Icon2Image is a menu bar productivity app for quickly and easily:
- Creating image thumbnails of file, folder and disk icons, in batch, in various image formats and sizes.
- Copying icons to the clipboard (in sizes specified by preferences.)
- Adding custom icons to image, movie or ICNS files.
- Adding custom icons from the images on the clipboard.
- Making ICNS icons of image file contents or movie poster frames.
- Making ICNS icons of file, folder and disk icons.
- Making images from ICNS files.
- Adding icons to web location files using their associated "favicon"
- Removing custom icons from files.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Limit Point Software
  • Modification Date: June 1, 2011
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.6 or higher

Home Page

Icon Iconverter 0.86

Written originally as a developer tool to create ICNS files from anything dropped on it, now it has evolved to support icns, gif, jpg, png, bmp,tiff and ico exporting and importing---and batch conversion.
NOTE: When importing .ico files you may lose some masking.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Extraneous Software
  • Modification Date: December 15, 2002
  • Requirements: Mac OS X


OS X PPC File Size: 150 Kb

Home Page

Icon iEyes 1.1.1

Desktop eyes to follow your cursor.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Lowcoders
  • Modification Date: September 22, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Home Page

Icon img2icns 1.1

Img2icns is an application to create icons from images or images from icons, keeping them organized for future use. Creating an icon is as simple as dropping one or more images into Img2icns and choosing an export format. Creating icons on Mac OS X was never so easy or so much fun, so start customizing your desktop just now!
  • License: Freeware, Pro $13
  • Author/Publisher: Matteo Rattotti
  • Modification Date: January 27, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Home Page

icon LiteIcon 1.3.1

LiteIcon is a simple app which allows you to change your system icons easily.
Simply drag an icon onto the one you want to change, click the Apply Changes button and restart the Finder to see the modifications. That's it.
To restore an icon, right-click it and pick Restore. To restore all icons to their originals, go to File -> Restore all icons...
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: FreeMacSoft
  • Modification Date: February 16, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Home Page

Icon MacOS Classic Sound Pack 1.4

Put the classic alert sounds from Mac OS on your Mac OS X system.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: sagefire.org
  • Modification Date: November 7, 2004
  • Requirements: Mac OS X


OS X PPC File Size: 1.3 MB

Home Page

icon Magnifique 2.1

Magnifique is the free theming application from PCWiz Computer that allows anyone to take advantage of the vast repository of themes available for Mac OS X in just a few clicks.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: PCWiz Computer
  • Modification Date: March 3, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher - Not Snow Leopard Compatible

Home Page

Icon MenuShade 1.1

The menubar is almost always on your screen, burning into your LCD and actually causing a permanent white streak across the top (like the old monitors)... but not only that, it also burns your eyes... so darken it a little with MenuShade.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Nullriver Software
  • Modification Date: May 10, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher - Not Compatible with Leopard


Universal Binary File Size: 69 Kb

Home Page

Icon Mighty Mouse 1.3

Mighty Mouse allows you to customize your cursors with style - and it does so on the fly, without modifying any system files! Moreover, it allows you to customize all kinds of cursors available in the system - Arrow, I-Beam, Alias, Copy, Move and the Wait cursor. You can animate any cursor and import pre-made ones available at our website. Edit the cursors with the simplicity of copy-paste and drag-and-drop, then hit Apply, and you got it!
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Unsanity
  • Modification Date: November 30, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher - Not Compatible with Leopard


Univesal Binary File Size: 3.5 MB

Home Page

icon OmniDazzle 1.0.1

Introducing OmniDazzle, a set of fun and useful enhancements that help you highlight certain areas of your screen, create visual effects, and track the location of your mouse pointer.
If you've ever used your computer screen to do a presentation, capture screen shots, or as a point of reference while someone looks over your shoulder...you, my friend, could have used OmniDazzle. OmniDazzle is handy for those times when you need to call attention to something on your screen ("...as you can all see, line 37 in this spreadsheet lists my proposed new salary: eleventy hojillion dollars. Any questions?"), and even helps you find your lost cursor (hey, it happens - especially when you're navigating across the four-million-pixels-and-counting landscape of a 30" Cinema Display).
OmniDazzle is designed to be both playful and practical; you can use a plug-in to professionally emphasize a section of your screen, or you can turn your mouse movement into an area of focus that trails pixie dust (or waves, or a bullseye, or...) across your desktop. You can configure each plug-in to suit your own particular preferences: change colors, make objects bigger or smaller, or change the way you activate the OmniDazzle plug-in of your choice.
  • License: Shareware, $15
  • Author/Publisher: The Omni Group
  • Modification Date: November 1, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.6 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 5.4 MB

Home Page

icon Pic-a-Pod 1.2.11

- Download the picture of the day from your choice of four sites:
- National Geographic
- Astronomy
- Earth Science
- Wikipedia
- Set your desktop picture to one of the downloaded photos.
- Schedule downloads to update automatically.
- Change the desktop picture periodically.
- Download photos of the day for any selected date.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: TrozWare
  • Modification Date: April 29, 2010
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2.8 or higher

Home Page

Icon PinPoint 2.52

PinPoint helps you locate your pointer on the screen by displaying a graphic of your choice around it. It is great when you have many monitors or to work outside in the sun on your PowerBook or iBook.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: MacChampion
  • Modification Date: April 19, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 2.0 MB

Home Page

Icon Pixadex 2.0.2

Pixadex is to icons, what Apple's iPhoto is to images. Brought to you by Panic and The Iconfactory, the team who created CandyBar, Pixadex lets you import, organize and search huge numbers of icons quickly & easily. Pixadex lets you store all of your icons in a single place, organized into collections that you create. This is the program icon lovers everywhere have been waiting for.
  • License: Shareware, $19
  • Author/Publisher: Panic/The Iconfactory
  • Modification Date: January 26, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 2.1 MB

Home Page

Icon ShapeShifter 2.5

ShapeShifter is a revolutionary new product that lets you change the overall appearance of your Mac using 'themes'. We're not talking about just desktop backgrounds and icons here, we're talking about everything - the look of windows, menus, apps, buttons, absolutely everything. You don't wear the same clothes everyday, your house doesn't look exactly like your neighbor's - why should the computing interface you use everyday be any different. You personalize your physical workspace to suit your tastes and whims, so why not your Mac?
  • License: Shareware, $20
  • Author/Publisher: Unsanity
  • Modification Date: September 10, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher - Not Compatible with Leopard

Home Page

Icon Silk 2.1.4

Silk enables the Quartz text rendering and smoothing introduced in Mac OS X 10.1.5 in all Carbon applications. This means antialiased text in Netscape, Mozilla, and many others. Why wait for developers to update their Carbon applications when you can get the silky smooth text everywhere, right now? Moreover, it can substitute one font with another in your applications, change the theme font (the font used to display menus, window titles, and other interface elements).
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Unsanity
  • Modification Date: August 29, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4.11 or higher

Home Page

icon Sounds4Fun 1.0.1

Have fun with wacky or soothing sounds playing when any of 60-odd events occur.
Set sounds that will usefully alert you when you press the CAPSLOCK key, power to your Macbook is interrupted or the Finder is done copying.
  • License: Shareware, $14
  • Author/Publisher: Riccardo Ettore
  • Modification Date: January 23, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 945 Kb

Home Page

Icon ThemeChanger 0.6.1

ThemeChanger switches your theme in MacOS X. It supports the .theme and .dlta formats, and generates an aqua backup automatically. You can also restore the aqua backup via single-user mode, if an installed theme damages your system.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: The ThemeChanger Project
  • Modification Date: November 1, 2003
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher - Not Leopard Compatible


OS X PPC File Size: 290 Kb

Home Page

Icon ThemePark 3.1

Use ThemePark to create or modify the way Mac OS X looks, as well as to change the appearance of individual applications. Just draw titlebars, buttons, and other widgets in the graphics editor of your choice, and move them into ThemePark to create a new theme or modify an existing one. Also use ThemePark to create icon sets that can change every icon on your system, even common document icons.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Geekspiff
  • Modification Date: November 30, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.3 or higher


Universal Binary File Size: 5.1 MB

Home Page

Icon TinkerTool 5.6

TinkerTool is an application that gives you access to additional preference settings Apple has built into Mac OS X. This allows to activate hidden features in the operating system and in some of the applications delivered with the system.
The tool makes sure that preference changes can only affect the current user. You don't need administrative privileges to use the tool. With this design, it is no problem to use TinkerTool in professional networks where users have restricted permissions. The program will never change any component of the operating system, so the integrity of your system is not put at risk, and there will be no negative effect on system updates.
All preference settings changed by TinkerTool can be reset to Apple's defaults, or to the state that existed before using the tool. No dangerous background processes are used for TinkerTool's operation.
Because TinkerTool only gives you access to features already built into Mac OS X, its feature set varies greatly between different operating system versions.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Marcel Bresink
  • Modification Date: July 8, 2016
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.9 or higher

DownloadIntel File Size: 4 MB

Home Page

icon TransparentDock 2.3.9

TransparentDock is an application that allows customization of the Mac OS X dock. The transparency level of the dock is fully adjustable, from fully transparent to fully opaque, or somewhere in between. An assortment of options are available to enhance the appearance & functionality of the dock, and each can be applied independently, or combined into a theme. A fully customizeable palette allows saving & switching between an unlimited number of custom dock themes. As always, built-in reset options allow returning the dock to its original state.
  • License: Shareware, $8
  • Author/Publisher: Kevin Kelleher
  • Modification Date: October 22, 2006
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.2 or higher - Not Intel or Leopard Compatible


OS X PPC File Size: 699 Kb

Home Page

Icon Visage 2.4.2

Visage allows you to easily and safely customize the appearance of your Mac. The preference pane's simple interface contains five tabs, each of which will help you customize a different part of your Mac. You can run screen savers as your desktop background, customize your login panel, personalize system alerts, and more! Visage keeps track of Apple's default settings for every customization, so you can easily switch back to the original settings at any time.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Keaka Jackson
  • Modification Date: October 31, 2007
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5.x or 10.6.x

Home Page

icon Wallsaver 2.5

Wallsaver is a Cocoa application (written in AppleScript) that allows users to run their screen savers as their desktop wallpaper.
After hours of (unsuccessful) Googling for a program that would easily do this, I (Nil Thacker) decided to test my skills and write one myself.
It took a while, but I think I got it.
Key features of Wallsaver:
- 1. Wallsaver doesn't have to be running 24/7. You can launch Wallsaver, activate your screen saver, and then quit the program. Restoring your desktop is just as easy. Open up Wallsaver, click "Restore", and you're set.
- 2. It's simple. The original application was only 30 lines of code.
- 3. It's cool. Now you can show off the full potential of your Mac by letting it power through a task that would bring a PC to its knees.
- 4. It's Universal. Universal Binary, that is.
  • License: Freeware
  • Author/Publisher: Nil Thacker
  • Modification Date: January 26, 2009
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or higher, Quartz Extreme capable graphics card with at least 32 MB of memory

Home Page

Icon xBack 3.7.6

xBack is a utility that allows you replace your desktop picture with a screen saver. With xBack, you can bring your desktop to life.
  • License: Shareware, $10
  • Author/Publisher: Gideon Softworks
  • Release Date: May 6, 2008
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.5 or higher

Home Page

Icon Xounds 3.0.1

Xounds is a haxie that brings back Appearance Sounds to Mac OS X. Tired of silence? Want audio feedback when you navigate through menus or drag your windows around? Xounds will convert your existing Mac OS 8 or 9 soundsets and make Mac OS X a better place to work in.
  • License: Shareware, $13.50
  • Author/Publisher: Unsanity
  • Modification Date: April 26, 2010
  • Requirements: Mac OS X 10.6.x & Rosetta

Home Page

Intel Denotes Mac OS X Intel Native
Universal Binary Denotes Mac OS X Intel & PPC Native
OS X PPC Denotes Mac OS X PPC Native
Classic PPC Denotes Mac OS 8/9 PPC Native
680x0 Denotes Mac OS 680x0 Native
Non-Specific Code Denotes Non-OS Specific Code

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